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Regular Seeds for Sale Online

Nowadays, regular seeds are cannabis forgotten seeds; usually, growers prefer feminized/autoflowering strains, no wasted time/money, sexing and pulling up plants which have been controlled along the whole growing stage. Regular seeds offer different possibilities from the rest of the seeds; next, we analyze pros/cons regular-seed characteristics. Regular Seeds for Sale Online

What are marijuana regular seeds?

Marijuana regular seeds can produce male/female plants (unknown sex); traditionally, all the plants were regular, but, when feminized plants appeared, most of the growers forgot about regular plants.

For regular-plant growing, you have to plant the seeds, take care of them along the growing stage and, before blooming, pay attention to sexing which one’s male/female (pulling out the males and keeping the growing of the females, since they produce the buds); pay attention to it because, if a male manages to produce a whole flower and it releases the pollen, it’s possible that all the crop strains become hermaphrodite quickly, wasting the whole crop in a second that’s why feminized seeds got so successful (no risk, and no pulled-up plants which have been controlled along the whole growing stage).


Female plants from regular seeds are always much more vigorous and strong than the ones from feminized seeds much less prone to hermaphroditism, pest problems, stress and inclement weather.

Mainly, they’re expert-favorite seeds because of their wide range of phenotypes (specific characteristics of a strain), so regular seeds generate much more variety and let the specialized grower create his own strains (by crossing) with his selected, precise characteristics; this can also be achieved with feminized seeds, selecting and breeding his favorites, but regular seeds offer much more varied phenotypes much more possibilities for the grower: much more varied vegetative behavior, flavor, smell, production and effect.

All natural cannabis seeds, how nature made them

When cannabis plants grow seed naturally they produce regular seeds that give rise to roughly 50% male and 50% female offspring. Before Dutch Passion gave the world feminised seed technology in the 1990’s, regular seeds were the only option.

Today regular seeds are still sold, though they are not as popular as feminised seeds. Regular seeds have gradually become less accepted since private cultivators tend to prefer smaller gardens filled with female-only plants.

However, regular seeds remain popular with growers who don’t mind producing male cannabis plants, there are many amateur growers who like to produce their own seeds – especially in countries where importing cannabis seeds has been outlawed. For these people there is the double challenge of growing their own stash and the extra challenge of producing some seeds for next years crop. Regular Seeds for Sale Online

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